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Isn't it time to take control?

Clinical studies show that 32% of all Americans are significantly over weight. Excess weight can cause high blood pressure and extreme stress on the heart; leading to cardiovascular disease
and the possibility of premature death.

Being overweight also takes an huge toll on our feelings of self esteem and self confidence. No one has to experience that anymore.

Fat Loss 4 Idiots

            A most impressive plan...

Finally, A Healthy Diet Plan That Delivers.


 A perfectly terrible name... but a perfectly wonderful plan!

This is the of the most successful weight loss plans available today! 

Forget about Atkins and South Beach; Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig; and all of those other systems designed for failure; take a look at the one plan available that takes into account why diets usually fail!

    The body is programmed to maintain...not to lose.

And, the body knows, apart from the brain, when it is hungry. If the body thinks that it is not being fed often enough, or not getting enough calories, it responds by slowing the metabolism to burn fewer calories...making it even harder to lose weight.

Want some proof?
Do you really want to see some proof about how your
body deals with dieting?

Here's your proof...

Have you ever stood outside on a cold day, and found yourself shivering, your teeth chattering hard?

That is your body, protecting itself from freezing, just as it will
protect itself from starving, by slowing the metabolism to conserve calories, rather than burn them, thus making weight loss even harder.

Fat Loss 4 Idiotsis built around the known facts of how the body responds to dieting, and it is designed to prevent the inevitable metabolic slow down that other diets always cause, and for that reason...fail.

Using the principle of "calorie shifting" the metabolism remains in "high gear", the body never recognizes that it is on a diet, you keep burning calories at pre-diet levels, and the pounds just fall away.

Do you want to try a program that blasts through the body's natural reaction to dieting?

Do you want to see measurable results in just days?

We are so sure that you will be so completely satisfied with this program, that it comes with an
eightweek, unconditional, money-back guarantee!

Try it for eight weeks, if it doesn't work for you; if YOU are not completely satisfied... 100% satisfied...


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 Look Better - Feel Better - Be Better

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Isn't it time to take control?